Girona has all the charm of a large city but without the crowds; a very “human-sized” city that will leave you walking around awestruck with your eyes wide open and your mouth agape at all it has to offer: its streets, festivals, cultural activities, restaurants, tourist services and events. Make the most of your visit at any time of year, and if you can, visit more than once, because the city is very much alive and there are always new things to surprise you.

Girona offers a very extensive range of things to do. The city, a great stage where centuries of history are captured in spectacular monuments, invites you to lose yourself in a walk around the Old Town. It also has an intense cultural life, with strongly characteristic events taking place each month of the year. In addition, Girona is today a source of cultural production with regular, critically acclaimed seasons of theatre and music. However, if sport is what you are looking for, both the city and surrounding areas have all the means available for practising any sport you choose. Girona makes it all possible.

Close to Barcelona, located midway between the sea and the mountains, Girona boasts a privileged position. The Old Town is one of the most evocative historical centres in Catalonia, with certain elements that are unique in Europe: the Carolingian wall, an exceptionally well conserved Jewish quarter, and the grandeur of the Cathedral’s Gothic nave, the widest in the world. Girona also has six museums which possess a patrimonial collection of great interest.

  • The Cathedral
  • Sant Pere de Galligants
  • Sant Feliu
  • Arab Baths
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Houses on the Onyar
  • Sant Martí
  • Wall Itinerary
  • Sant Nicolau

Itineraries & Tours

If you have a few days, plan your stay with time to enjoy the city and to venture out into the Gironés region, to discover our surroundings and the neighbouring towns and villages. In a very short time you can reach the coast or the mountains, practise sea or winter sports depending on the season and enjoy the contrasts of scenery that surround Girona.

Itineraries in Girona

  • Old Quarter
  • Walls & Fortifications
  • Pedret & Sant Daniel
  • Masó Architecture
  • Legends


Museum of History of the Jews
This museum offers one of the most spectacular collections of tombstones, along with other examples of Jewish culture.

Museum of History of the City
This museum features educational exhibits about the most important historical events that took place in Girona

Museum of Cinema
This museum offers the complete history of the origins of cinema.

Museum of Archaeology
The Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia – Girona counts with artifacts from Prehistoric times and the classic era.

Museum of Art
The Art Museum exhibits a valuable collection of Medieval and Renaissance period paintings.

Museum-Treasury of the Cathedral
This museum features the famous Tapestry of Creation, an extraordinary piece of textile of incalculable value dating from 12th century a.d.